Teledermatology Resources

Image Capture Visualization Image Analysis Communication Data/Image Storage

Image analysis software is designed to convert digital image information into textual or audio formats. This solution category includes general dermatology information systems, dictation systems, computer vision, and data recognition programs.

Some Dermatology Recognition Solutions Include :

Early Melanoma Detection ( Melafind from Eosciences vs Siascope from Aston Clinica)

Psoriasis Evaluation and Diagnosis

Basal Cell Carcinoma Detection

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Detection

Evaluation of Wound Healing

Hair Loss evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring

Evaluation of Skin and Whole Body Hydration Status

Photo-Biochemical Evaluation of the Skin for Determination of Nutritive Status

Genomic Evaluation via Skin Analysis

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Skin Infections

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Rashes


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